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Padas White Water Rafting & Kayaking

Action packed adventure, adrenaline pumping rapids and fun filled nerve tingling excitement in the heart of borneo. For beginners and adrenaline junkies alike!

Padas River is situated in the interior of southwestern part of Kota Kinabalu that is only accessible by train (used since the late 19th century in Borneo). This trip offers an abundance of experiences: Excursion of Class III-IV river, a ride in an antique train in this new millennium, breathtaking Crocker range wildlife, and much more. This is a fun day out for all age groups 12 years old and up. Suitable for beginners and adrenaline junkies alike!

White water rafting the Padas River is an exhilarating adventure! Our adrenaline-packed excursion covers a distance of 23 kilometers, including 7 exhilarating rapids. The rapids in the Padas river start in a traditional village called Pangi, which is inhabited by the local Murat tribe (previously headhunters!) Many of our staff are from the Murat tribe and, with their years of experience on the river, River Junkie wanted to ensure they had the opportunity to develop their guiding skills to International levels. Hence, all our guides have undergone international training with our consultant from New Zealand (International Rafting Federation). If you want an extra wild adventure ask our guides about having a go in our white water kayak with a personal guide!

Our aim is to ensure you have a great and exciting, once in a life time experience!


photo collage of white water rafting trip

The Rapids

Head hunter rapids

This part of Borneo was previously known as the head hunter trail! Not anymore – don’t worry!! The Head Hunter rapid is grade II so nice and easy to get you going – the breath taking mountains and high gorges surround this rapid – this is the beginning of a whole lot o fun to come!...

Scooby Doo

Scooby doby doo!... that’s what you’ll be screaming when you get going on this Grade III rapid, this will warm you up and get you jumping up and down for more!

Cobra Point

Now your adrenaline will be pumping through your veins! This grade III rapid bites fast so keep your eyes peeled and keep paddling!!


Like the dance it is sophisticated and sexy! You’ll be dancing to and fro with the waves whilst the raft cruises up and down in the white water

Body rafting

This is your chance to jump in and enjoy the cool rapids, have a go – its easy! Let the current float you down the flat calm section of the river and learn how to jump in and out of the raft.

The Curve

Curving around the boulders in between the river banks this bumby ride will keep you hanging on tight!!

Merry Go Round

Now were heading into grade IV rapids, this is where your nerves start tingling and knuckles go white! Its fun fun fun!!

The Snake House

Watch out for the slithering water beneath you its fast and exciting and you don’t know when its going to stop!!!

Safety First!

River Junkie is run by professional and experienced staff who place the highest priority on customer safety and service. Our Guides are licensed by the International Rafting Association and New Zealand Rafting Association for the rivers we raft. The guides carry on them their own well maintained rescue equipment. Safety kayaks are present during all rafting trips.

River Junkie has consulted with the International Rafting Association and New Zealand Rafting Association instructors to risk assess the Padas River and develop safe operating procedures at River Junkie.
Furthermore, ongoing training of our local staff to meet certification standards for both International Rafting and New Zealand Rafting Association takes place in order to keep current with international standards.

Equipment Supplied

All rafting equipment is supplied to our guests including paddles, helmets, and a life jackets. All River Junkie equipment meets International Rafting Standards and New Zealand Rafting Association standards.